Vibrant mockup of notebooks in green and pink hues, business cards, and a white envelope, displayed in a sleek environment.

Discover this beautifully crafted mockup set showcasing notebooks, business cards, and envelopes. The vibrant colors of the notebooks coupled with the sharpness of the business cards and the purity of the envelope make this the ideal mockup for designers looking to present their branding work in an authentic and professional manner. Thanks to the high resolution of 6000×4500 px, every detail is captured with pristine clarity. With easy-to-use features provided by, designers can effortlessly integrate their designs and captivate their audience. Whether you’re creating a branding presentation or simply want to see your designs come to life, this mockup is your perfect companion. And the cherry on top? It’s available for free! Dive in and enhance your portfolio with this exquisite mockup set. For more stunning designs, make sure to check out this free notebook mockup on