Education Instagram and Social Media Set

Boost your education brand’s online presence with the Education Instagram and Social Media Set 🌿. This collection of templates comes in 3 design options, each sized 1080×1080 px, 1080×1350 px, and 1080×1920 px with RGB color mode.

Featuring a subtle green art design with nature-inspired elements like collaged leaves and flowers, these free templates create a visually pleasing aesthetic. They’re perfect for showcasing images, patterns, and illustrations while subtly highlighting important information.

Fully customizable and editable in Photoshop, easily tailor these templates to your brand’s specific needs. Use them for engaging posts and stories, updating your profile, or promoting educational services. They’re also great for showcasing perfume and streaming services.

Stay ahead of digital communication and web trends with free online templates. Create a cohesive, professional look for your brand without breaking the bank. Download now and start customizing to elevate your online presence!